BIZIT M&A - the Global M&A Platform

We have launched « BIZIT M&A BETA », a global M&A platform where you can find the best deals from all over the world.
Are you interested in joining our global M&A network?

What is BIZIT M&A

We are building the world’s largest M&A platform

BIZIT M&A is a platform that collects sell deals from all over the world. Users can match with buyers, connect with investors and proceed with deals online.
BIZIT M&A provides “Non-name sheet” functions displayed automatically by simply registering deal information on our highly secure system.

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Innovative service from Japan

BIZIT M&A is the only global M&A platform in Japan. Based on our cross-border M&A advisory’s experience, we have developed a high-end and and highly secure online service.

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Free registration

Registration is free! Seller can use the platform for free at all time. Buyers can use all the paid options for free during the trial period.


We have five offices in the world, including M & A advisory business. We are also engaged in strategy consulting, market research and analysis, marketing, attracting foreign companies. In the M & A business, we provide clients with M & A advisory as well as project finance and financing support services.

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    Headquarters Close to Tokyo Tower

    Our office is located near Tokyo Tower, which is a symbol of Japan. We are doing business in the center of Minato-ku, the center of Japan, where many good Japanese companies gather.

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    Capital Exceeding $1.6 million

    Our capital exceeds $1.6 million in Japan, and our quality of credit is very high, We are well known to investors,,and there are also cases where we invest.

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    More than 50 Members

    We have over 50 employees, with specialization in different backgrounds.