Take on as many “TRY” as you can, to become a revolutionary company.

“Our world is a series of challenges. And your passion toward those challenges will shape your future.”This my unchanging resolve from the time I started Tryfunds. My corporate vision is to expand the culture ofambition, and it’s my daily task.

Since founding Tryfunds in 2012, the main focus of the business has expanded from just consulting on overseas expansion to include domestic regional restoration, idea incubation, etc.

The belief and hope of creating a better tomorrow by challenging the norms of today is the motivation that keeps me going.

Much in the same way that the world we are living in now is the result of the challenges of our forefathers.

100 years ago, the public was introduced to a new form of public transportation in the form of the automobile - the result of a tireless challenge by Henry Ford. Our lives were enriched 50 years ago when Walt Disney introduced us to the beauty of animation. And most recently, Steve Jobs’ challenges allowed us to access information from anywhere, and connect with anyone.

These challenges changed the world, and the way we live our lives.Overseas expansion, starting a new venture, M&A - no matter what kind of large scale challenge, you need to conquer the fragmented challenges that lay before you as you have unbridled ambition. That has been our stance, since we started business 5 years ago. We at Tryfunds are constantly adapting to be able to offer assistance in all fields for those who want to take a chance.

Up until 2016, our main business focus was on strategy consulting, market research and M&A, but we have created an organization to deal in HR business, creative content production and digital technologies including AI and IoT.And in the coming months and years, I plan to expand our service lineup, so that we can continue to be a company that challenges beyond just strategic proposals. Also, we will work to expand our service to include digital support for our clients, as well as offline.

I believe that all of the good changes in our world come from people’s dreams to change the norm. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the reward. And the moments that some new value is discovered, people’s lives are changed. So I believe that we can create a brighter future full of emotion by continuing to challenge to change. It is with this in mind, that we will keep advancing toward the future. At Tryfunds, we believe each and every one of us have the potential to change the world, and we will do all in our power to assist our customers in their quest for greatness.
Tryfunds Inc. CEO
Yusuke Tanno