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We aim to achive
A culture of AMBITION
The beginning of a better future always starts with a challenge of some sort.

All of the things that we now think of as usual and common all began with someone challenging the norm.
Simple things such as taking the train without your wallet,
listening to music outside in the park,
talking to a friend overseas from a cafe near your house.
The innovators behind these ideas didn’t know they would end up changing the world.
Rather, they wanted to bring about the future they envisioned in their minds.

Much like us, these innovators had a strong,
unrelenting spirit that allowed them to face the challenges necessary to bring their ideas to life.
For challenges, courage is the fuel.
But in reality, taking a chance comes with many doubts.

There might be no real reason for you to doubt yourself.
You might already have the necessary skills to achieve your goals.

Before you stop to doubt yourself and give up,
know that we are here to support you.

It’s not important to identify the reasons behind your doubt.
You have to realize your self-worth as you face the future you envision.
You need a strong will to keep taking chances for your vision.
Here at Tryfunds, we will help to clearly define your potential, and help you take the first steps toward your vision.

Taking these chances will increase the chance of success for you and your company.
By thinking to challenge the norm, you can realize your true value.
You can use your potential to the fullest.
And above all else, knowing you can achieve more than you imaged will help open up your future to all possibilities.

Our goal at Tryfunds is to establish this ambitious spirit in you, in our society, in our world.
We want to spread this ambitious spirit to ignite a culture of ambition.


As an Organization

Developing business opportunity
at the world class standard

Here at Tryfunds, we aim to offer the world class standard service to all of our clients, in all regions. We strive to provide service above a simple contracting firm, and maximize the potential of our clients businesses through high-level consulting and the development of relevant IT tools.

a progressive trailblazer

Here at Tryfunds, we aim to offer the world class standard service to all of our clients, in all regions. We strive to provide service above a simple contracting firm, and maximize the potential of our clients businesses through high-level consulting and the development of relevant IT tools.

Aiming for unprecedented heights
through teamwork

When you try to accomplish a goal, there is a limit to how much you can do alone. If you want to test the limits of one, there is no need to work as a team. However, our staff at Tryfunds actively seek out to accomplish big goals that would be impossible alone. They understand the strengths of their teammates, and establish a common motivation. By holding a common goal, teamwork is optimized for big results.


From the ground level
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Breakthrough Thinking

We aim to not be held back by the common norms, but command all available knowledge, logic and precedents to breakthrough current barriers to success, and create new value. By tracking current macro trends and forecasts, we look for the new interesting ideas and things yet to be realized.

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Passion for the Business

Having a strong passion is essential for optimizing value of a business, and we achieve this through a strong eye for the industry, and a creative mind for linking action and revenue. On top of having a solid understanding for your business, we search for the various revenue channels both within and outside the current scope of your business.

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Performing through People

We believe that the way to shape and influence the world is by your connections to people, and the ability to get them excited about ideas. We work to create a high-motivation workplace, where employees get motivated through traditional tools such as task management and team management, but also through highly logical, intuitive and passionate communication.

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Pioneer Spirits

We support those who want to do what cannot be done by anyone, and have the innovator mindset. These people aren’t satisfied with the status quo. They constantly seek out ways to improve, have an antenna out for new opportunities and thrive for chances to take initiative. More than anything, these pioneer spirits actively keep challenging the norms.

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Enthusiastic Drive

Drive is awareness of goals you want to achieve, and a strong will power to achieve those goals. To achieve the highest possible value, we ask our clients and members for honest discussions and a commitment, which facilitates fastidious actions, down to the finest detail.

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Going the Highroad

Picking the highroad involved being open and true in your interactions, and gaining the trust of those around you. This means fighting your battles fair and square, speaking out what you think is right, and making it happen. We treat our members and clients with a straightforward attitude, with no finger pointing, to establish a solid trust channel - essential for conducting business.


About Our Company Name and Logo

Company Name Origin

The name “Tryfunds” comes from two words: “Try” and “Fund”. Many serious challenges are necessary to make a better future. And over time, the accumulation and compilation of these challenges becomes experience and assets, which can then be invested into further grand challenges. We are solid believers in establishing this culture of ambition, and we imbued that spirit into our company name.

About Our Company Logo

Our company logo is comprised of many arrows, layered upon each other to create a large arrow pointing forward. This is a metaphor for our company message, which is that the accumulation of challenges will open up opportunities for future potential.

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